Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blank Slate by Aya Kanno

While I was at the book store Friday, I was going through the manga section. I usually try to wait until the whole series is out, but every once in a while I pick up a new series. Currently I am reading 4 series: Angel Sanctuary, Nana, Vampire Knight, and now Blank Slate by Aya Kanno.

I was drawn in by this manga by the art. I am very very picky when it comes to manga art. I like long lanky elegant figures, with everything toned perfectly, and usually the story line has to be deep. To be honest, on this manga, I chose it because it had two very pretty guys and guns.

I will admit, I pulled the cardinal sin. I sat at the book store and read this book with the intention of putting it back on the shelf when I was done. But this manga made such an impression, that I bought it. With very interesting characters, very beautiful art, a engaging and fast paced story line, I really enjoy this manga. It has a undertone of shonen-ai, and also is somewhat political, but many of the lines are just so poetic that I knew I needed to buy this manga.

Book 2, which came out December 2008 is next on my list to read. Hopefully it will be as good at its predecessor.


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