Sunday, January 18, 2009


Blank Slate by Aya Kanno

While I was at the book store Friday, I was going through the manga section. I usually try to wait until the whole series is out, but every once in a while I pick up a new series. Currently I am reading 4 series: Angel Sanctuary, Nana, Vampire Knight, and now Blank Slate by Aya Kanno.

I was drawn in by this manga by the art. I am very very picky when it comes to manga art. I like long lanky elegant figures, with everything toned perfectly, and usually the story line has to be deep. To be honest, on this manga, I chose it because it had two very pretty guys and guns.

I will admit, I pulled the cardinal sin. I sat at the book store and read this book with the intention of putting it back on the shelf when I was done. But this manga made such an impression, that I bought it. With very interesting characters, very beautiful art, a engaging and fast paced story line, I really enjoy this manga. It has a undertone of shonen-ai, and also is somewhat political, but many of the lines are just so poetic that I knew I needed to buy this manga.

Book 2, which came out December 2008 is next on my list to read. Hopefully it will be as good at its predecessor.


Legal Happiness

So, the question arises, because this is a book blog, is it legal to put the cover image of a book in the blog?
Not wanting to get sued by anyone, I felt this was particularly important. But my discoveries did not exactly go as planned.

Apparently it is an argument of the famous Copyright Fair Use clause. But what exactly is Fair Use? This is where it gets hairy. It's left up to the courts to actually figure out what is fair use or not, so by the time you get sued and find yourself in court, you discover that maybe in fact it is not legal. But really, why would this be illegal? Would it not help serve the author, publisher, and cover designer? It's free advertising, or when it comes to critique, free speech. Is it not?

For what I have found see:

For uploaded book covers go here:

So from here on out, I will be featuring an image with the books that I discuss with the knowledge that these covers are in fact copyrighted and are by no means my own. If anyone has any more thoughts on the matter feel free to chime in.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This blog will be updated irregularly with anything having to do with the books I have read, am reading, or will read. I have a very ecclectic book collection so no books will be spared. Feel free to give suggestions on what I should read next. Thanks!